SugarCRM launches automated search tool Hint

Customer relationship management software company SugarCRM has announced the release of its automated search product, Hint.

Hint automatically searches the web for personal and company information on prospects, gathers data from multiple sources, and builds a profile on the user. The product will reduce the time required to search for data beyond the basics like name and company, according to SugarCRM.

Hint is the first release from the company’s Relationship Intelligence product line, which uses predictive analytics and machine learning to make sense of huge amounts of data.

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The product will improve and simplify the data collection processes in the enterprise, said Rich Green, SugarCRM’s chief product officer.

“With Hint, we are flipping the enterprise data model to that of the consumer world, changing the ratio of CRM information to be orders of magnitude more than the information provided by, and contained within the enterprise,” he said.

“This concept is the foundation of our new Relationship Intelligence product line and will lead to the natural evolution of CRM, moving it from being a record of what has already happened to a customer-facing employee’s guide to the future.”

The Hint software has already by deployed with a number of SugarCRM clients, including Equipment Depot, a machinery dealership. The software is a “game-changer for our customer-facing employees,” said its CEO David Turner.

“It’s the perfect complement to Sugar’s CRM system and we’re very interested to see how relationship intelligence will change the way we interact with customers in the future.”

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