MapAnything now fully integrated with the ServiceNow store

MapAnything, which makes geo-productivity management software, has announced that it is now fully integrated with ServiceNow.

ServiceNow is described as the “Salesforce for service” and is an investor in MapAnything. As part of the integration, MapAnything’s mapping, IOT workflow and scheduling applications will be available on the ServiceNow store where users can avail of the functions to stay on top of service requests.

ServiceNow customers will be able to use MapAnything’s mapping functions to improve operations in IT, HR, and asset management, with functions such as assessing the location of devices or analyzing location-specific data to help boost sales processes. 

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MapAnything raised $33.1 million earlier this year in a Series B round led by Columbus Nova where ServiceNow contributed to the investment. Salesforce also has a stake in the company.

“By integrating [MapAnything’s] capabilities into our platform, we’re furthering our mission to provide the highest quality service management and support available, at the fastest speed possible,” said Avanish Sahai, VP of worldwide ISV and technology alliances at ServiceNow.

“I’m thrilled to bring MapAnything’s capabilities to the ServiceNow Store.” said John Stewart, MapAnything CEO. “ServiceNow’s platform is revolutionary and we’re excited to bring new levels of efficiency and insight to their ecosystem.”

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